Firefox & Bootstrap 3 Glyphicons

I'm currently working on a site which uses Bootstrap 3, and makes significant use of glyphicons. As of Bootstrap 3, glyphicons are back to being web-font based.

They look fine in Chrome (which is my main desktop browser), and in Safari on iOS, but I recently noticed they didn ...

Easy testing with Travis and tox

I love tox - it's a great tool for checking that your Python packages are installable, and that you support all the various configurations of Python versions and other package versions that you think you do. It's also quite a neat way of checking your documentation builds properly, and ...

Using code coverage to find bugs

Yesterday, I found two bugs whilst looking at a code coverage report.

I tend to think that shooting for 100% code coverage adds unnecessary overheard - often the last few percent doesn't give you much benefit, and takes a disproportionate amount of time to reach, but it's useful to ...

Turtles all the way down

One of the programming lessons I find myself re-learning again and again is this:

It's turtles all the way down1.

When I first started my current job, just after graduation, I was working in a frontend development rĂ´le. The app I was working on involved storing customer data ...

Installing PIL on 64-bit Ubuntu

I've just got a new laptop, and wanted to avoid messing around with symbolic links in order to install PIL1 in a virtual environment. I've just discovered patch2, and thought I should automate my process of installing PIL (a process which previously involved me making a ...

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