Hugo Port

I’ve been getting tired of keeping my WordPress plugins up to date for the sake of some very old blog posts, so I figured it was time I switched back to a static site generator. Last time I did this, I used Pelican, this time around I’ve picked Hugo, mostly for the chance to play with a shiny new thing.

Migration wasn’t very complicated - I got most the way there by exporting my WordPress site as an XML file, and then this repo did most the heavy lifting. After that, some manual tweaking was needed to make everything look reasonable (fixing up footnote rendering, etc), and manually re-tagging everything to organise content a bit, and I was done. All told - it took probably a couple of hours, but I’m pretty happy to be back to a simpler place.

Check back in a couple of years before I’ve got the itch to redo it all again, at which point no doubt my next post will appear.