Setting up Digital Ocean to run WordPress

I’ve recently started launching WordPress sites – starting with Talitha, and now this site. In my haste to move a few sites that seemed like they’d work better as WordPress sites, I appear to have over-loaded my single Digital Ocean droplet, so it’s time to spin up a new one.

Turtles all the way down

One of the programming lessons I find myself re-learning again and again is this: It’s turtles all the way down. When I first started my current job, just after graduation, I was working in a frontend development rôle. The app I was working on involved storing customer data in a proprietary database system, and from … [Read more…]

Installing PIL on 64-bit Ubuntu

I’ve just got a new laptop, and wanted to avoid messing around with symbolic links in order to install PIL in a virtual environment. I’ve just discovered patch, and thought I should automate my process of installing PIL (a process which previously involved me making a trivial edit to the file).

Moving to Ubuntu for mobile development

My web-development office is a fast-moving place. It averages around 50 miles per hour, and I work on a laptop normally squished between two people on the train to and from the office. When I happen to have a spare moment to build websites at home, I tend to use my desktop, which is running … [Read more…]

Travis, You Are Awesome

I came across Travis CI this week, and it’s awesome. I’ve got a bunch of tests for django-magazine, but I’m not very good at running them. It turns out that unit tests aren’t very useful if you don’t run them, so I wanted to make sure that every time I pushed code to it, the … [Read more…]

I Know Nothing

See, I know nothing! — Manuel I distinctly remember being 17 years old, I’d just finished re-launching a site for a charity I was involved with1, and I confidently declared that I knew all there was to know about building websites. And I believed it. Oxygen’s site has gone through several versions since I moved … [Read more…]

Getting Better at Testing

I started with unit testing about 4 years ago. I started writing what were probably integration tests, when I was working on the database backend of our application. The tests I wrote were designed to make sure that our process which saved data actually saved data.

Starting Over

Every once in a while, I want to start again. I currently have 6 different sites using Kaléo, a bit of software I wrote for managing Church websites, which I’ll write about another time. The code is stored in a private git repository, and synced out to 6 different places every time I need to make … [Read more…]