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Travis and tox revisited

Two years on, and I still love the combination of tox and Travis. I still write changes to my tox.ini and .travis.yml files separately, despite having written a tool for this.┬áIt occurred to me yesterday that there was a better way of writing this now - since tox now has a command for listing out what environments are set up (something which I think didn’t exist when I wrote the original Python script).

Easy testing with Travis and tox

I love tox - it’s a great tool for checking that your Python packages are installable, and that you support all the various configurations of Python versions and other package versions that you think you do. It’s also quite a neat way of checking your documentation builds properly, and that your code remains PEP 8 compliant1. I also love Travis, since it helps me accomplish much the same thing as tox, but does so in an automated way, with every push.

Travis, You Are Awesome

I came across Travis CI this week, and it’s awesome. I’ve got a bunch of tests for django-magazine, but I’m not very good at running them. It turns out that unit tests aren’t very useful if you don’t run them, so I wanted to make sure that every time I pushed code to it, the tests run. Enter Travis CI. Easy Unit Testing for Reusable Apps django-magazine is a reusable app - that is, it doesn’t ship with settings files, so you can’t run its tests just after installing it[1.